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Profound changes are underway in the field of Egyptology. A new school of Egyptology is succeeding in wresting the leadership in the field from the anointed and established scholarly authorities. Egyptology is slowly being extricated from the academic doldrums of a staid and highly conformist elite who were inclined to speculate in arriving at conclusions and then proceed to make the conjecture fact by erudite fiat…and nothing more. Armed with an array of scientific tools and emboldened by recent archeological discoveries in Nabta Plya, this new group of Egyptian scholars is advancing radical re-interpretations of ancient Egyptian science, religion and architecture. These historical reappraisals are being enthusiastically received by a wide variety of audiences. World-wide recognition and acceptance of the new school of Egyptology, long considered merely an irritating aberration by the classicists,  is now almost an academic certainty.

This “new school” of Egyptologist, led by Mr. Robert Bauval, have successfully challenged the old-line group and resoundingly refuted these critics on every occasion on which they have confronted each other. In the very near future, an accurate history of ancient Egypt (Kemet) will finally emerge. Taking into account all of the new discoveries in the Sahara, Black Africans  must now be placed in their proper position in ancient Egyptian history; as the creators of high-Egyptian civilization and thereby the progenitors of mankind’s earliest and most complete nation-state.

These are exciting times in the study of ancient Egyptian history. This website has been conceived, designed and dedicated to the dissemination of developments and discoveries in the “New School” of Egyptology. Expect archeological, scientific and philosophical information generated by the new school scholars, to be presented on these pages, along with interesting links, access to marketplace sites and some food and wellness sites. These services are being made available to an enlightened public as well as the Kemetic academic community.

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